Saturday, 15 December 2012

Fairy Tail's seven years gap

Assalamualaikum... yeah..
I just realized something... *sniff sniff*
I'm losing some HP today.. Haha.. It's not that I'm playing game or something..
It's just a reminder, yeah.. about a gift that I might not realize all this while..
Health, yeah.. A gift from Allah that we might take for granted..
Nobody realized about it unless they are losing it even a small piece of it..
Even a flu can alarmed us.. oh.. noo...

So, what am I going to relate with Fairy Tail's seven years gap?
It's not that I live in the world of magic, rite?
*hachoo!!* here they go again *sniff sniff*

I still remember my first day of being in this new situation..
More than a year ago,
nothing I can say much,
Perhaps I am still looking for myself,
Losing myself in the mist of time,
Yeah.. Perhaps anyone can suggest where I need to look for him?

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